Johnson Reed in full Soft Play equipment finance deal

Johnson Reed
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We all know that children are the future. However for some, child care can be a great and profitable business venture today!

We recently started working with Michelle, who has always had a passion for children and has a knack for running her own business, which is why when she realised that there was no local competition in her area (with the nearest being 2 towns away), she decided to set up a soft play centre, called KidMania.

Her new premesis is a 10,000 sqft building on 2 levels with parking on a large industrial estate, and benefiting from having a huge Tesco superstore next door. Perfect for busy parents who want to drop off the kids for an hour and do some shopping in peace! The site has a capacity for 110 children on the frame, plus a cafe area which can fit between 60 to 70 guests.

Michelle works closely and has a lot of involvement in all local pre-school groups. She also has close links with staff and parents with child-care experience.

Johnson Reed funded the majority of this new business with the balance coming from Michelle’s bank and personal investment. With this funding Michelle was able to acquire the soft play equipment she needed to set up KidMania! Plus the added benefits of using a leasing contract mean that she she gets to benefit from the excellent tax advantages.

As a measure of Michelle success you just need to look at her Facebook page to see all the rave reviews from the local parents with over 680 likes. Well done Michelle, we look forward to helping you with the next site!