It’s all Fun and Games at Sam’s Funhouse!

Johnson Reed
1m read

When it comes to play facilities in Exmouth, there is a distinct lack of options available. Despite the area surrounding the town centre having 7 primary schools and the largest secondary school in the country, there had been a gap in the market of child play centre.

That was, until Kate Beverley took advantage of the gap and formed her own soft play centre called Sam’s Funhouse.

We were approached by Kate to help her get equipment finance for a full range of soft play toys and furniture, as well as finance to have a lift installed for people who struggle to climb the stairs onto the second level of the premesis. All of the equipment was financed with £140,000 of leasing spread over a 5 year period.

This large finance deal was provided to Kate’s new start business with no charge required on the property, and was completed in a very timely manner. Due to the inherent advantages of a leasing contract, the repayments are made on a fixed-term and fixed-rate basis, and allow Kate to offset the cost of leasing against her tax bill.