Case Study: Children’s parties targeted with £8,000 laser gun finance deal

Johnson Reed
1m read

When you’re catering for the entertainment needs of young children by setting up a soft play centre, it’s crucial to invest in safe and suitable kit. In the summer of 2010, Johnson Reed was delighted to help the Treasure Chest Soft Play Centre with start-up soft play equipment finance to ensure that only the best equipment was used.

Treasure Chest is a new and exciting family entertainment centre in Crawley West Sussex, designed for children aged up to 11 years, with their parents. Consideration was duly given to safety with, for instance, black play netting to allow vision into the play frame, and backlit areas to help the aid and supervision of children as they play.

Director, Sarah Kent, came to Johnson Reed because she wanted to freshen up the 7,500 sq ft facility by adding laser guns to attract families to the centre for events and birthday parties. She’s introduced the new attraction on a three-month trial and, assuming it’s successful, the laser guns will be purchased on a three-year lease contract.

Sarah commented on the deal, “I’m delighted that Johnson Reed is supporting me with their own funds. They understand my business and I’ve avoided any lengthy underwriting process.” Party rooms are decorated and themed, and a disco room is kitted out with lights and smoke for that special occasion.