Case Study: Spotless deal for Johnson Reed and Pure Indulgence Beauty Salon

Johnson Reed
2m read

When it comes to the Salon and Beauty industry, customers can be ruthless in their assessment and satisfaction with a certain salon, and keeping customers happy and satisfied with results can be a demanding task. Ever more new technologies are being adopted in order to provide services that go beyond traditional salon practices.

That’s why when Johnson Reed were approached by Martyna Cleveland at Pure Indulgence to finance new salon equipment – specifically a new skin laser for her customers – we saw an opportunity to help Pure Indulgence stay ahead of their competition and retain those all-important paying customers.

The salon, based in Folkestone in Kent, offers a range of services from beauty to holistic, tanning and reflexology, catering for many different types of customers. Being the second beauty salon Martyna has set up in Kent, Pure Indulgence with it’s 8 years of history is, according to their website, “not just a beauty salon but a life enhancing experience.”

For the past two months Martyna has had an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser from Demilec on trial and has found it to be very successful. With the trial period coming to an end, Martyna has decided Pure Indulgence customers cannot do without this piece of equipment.

That’s where Johnson Reed comes in. With our background working with beauty salons across the country and providing salon equipment finance, we knew exactly what Martyna was trying to achieve, and how to help her achieve it in the best way for her business. We provided Martyna with enough finance to lease the IPL laser, with an easy repayment period of finance over 5 years. This self-generating piece of equipment will mean that Pure Indulgence will stay ahead of its competitors in the marketplace.