Case Study: Johnson Reed finance new beauty equipment for Mia Beauty Gallery

Johnson Reed
1m read

One of the main reasons companies require equipment leasing is to offer new services to their existing client base and increase their turnover. When we were approached by a salon equipment supplier on behalf of Mia Beauty Gallery to provide finance for a new Blemish / Imperfection Remover Kit, we knew we could help them to not only get the new equipment, but also provide leasing in a very convenient and cash-friendly way.

Mia Beauty Gallery has been trading for the past 15 years, offering a wide range of personal beauty treatments to their customers, so it was a natural progression to invest in new salon equipment to provide new services.

We provided Mia Beauty Gallery with £10,000 worth of salon equipment leasing with a 36 month period of finance, allowing Mia to begin using the equipment straight away and allow the equipment to generate income to pay the lease. Our deal involved no deposit for the kit, with no charge on the property and only basic information requested to get the deal started.

Obtaining salon equipment through leasing is a very effective way of adding new income streams to a business without having huge outlay to purchase the equipment outright. This frees up working capital in the business for other profitable tasks, and lets you use the income-generating equipment to pay for itself over its working life.