Rock and Roll at The Rock and Sole Plaice

Johnson Reed
2m read

It’s not often we get asked to provide equipment finance for a client with a rich history and a place in the history books, so when we were asked to help The Rock and Sole Plaice, apparently London’s oldest chip shop and tourist attraction… well we couldn’t say no.

Based in Covent Garden – home to many of London’s best known theatres – this chippy has been on Endell Street since the 19th century, and has been a family business since World War 2. With so much character and class, this was one of the jobs we were eager to complete, and to help write another chapter in their history.

This top-class establishment sell fish and chips as both a restaurant and takeaway, and wanted to get new kitchen equipment to help continue their reputation for fine fish and chips, and prove their ongoing commitment to their customers.

We were able to give them a simple finance deal, with a very quick turnaround, while requesting only basic information about the business. Our leasing paperwork is simple, and we were able to give prompt feedback and get them up and running with the new equipment quickly.

What’s more, our leasing agreement is chock full of tax benefits, fixed payments, and flexible terms, meaning The Rock and Sole Plaice get the equipment they need, on terms they can manage, without having to go cap-in-hand to the bank.

Now that the hard part is done, all of us here having a craving for some fish and chips!

Finally, a big thanks to Brakes Catering Equipment for introducing us to The Rock and Sole Plaice, we look forward to continuing our relationship with one of the biggest catering equipment suppliers in the UK.