New kitchen to revamp old pub restaurant

Johnson Reed
2m read

The Cottage Loaf in Llandudno has all the charm and good looks of a traditional country village pub, yet it stands in a quiet back street in the heart of the town. The Loaf, as it’s known locally, has won several awards for the quality of their beers, the attractive appearance and of course, their food.

In order to keep their standards up, they recently invested in new kitchen equipment, supplied by Chester-based C & C Catering Engineers. We have partnered with this vendor for fifteen years and they have many prestigious contracts in their portfolio. They referred us to the client and we were only too pleased to arrange a restaurant loan of £30,000 over three years to cover the cost of new equipment for the restaurant.

Johnson Reed is known for the diversity of the kit it supplies to the catering and restaurant sector. In the case of the Loaf, they were able to replace a lot of ageing equipment in their kitchens, so they could improve their liquidity by us purchasing items on their behalf, and then simply leasing them back. That brings with it significant tax advantages and means that the venue can afford the best equipment for the job. They can get maximum benefits from it whilst they’re using it, and they can replace it again in three to five years time when it’s reached the end of its useful life.

Restaurant establishments have been bemoaning the fact recently that the unseasonably bad weather has been keeping people indoors, which has particularly affected tourist venues like seaside resorts. It’s comforting to know that, if your business does take a dip in its cash flow, it’s not the end of the world. Because with Johnson Reed financing, repayments are scheduled over a fixed period, so you know that the good times to come can compensate for the bad times that so many businesses have had to endure through this winter and spring.