Johnson Reed finance schools with slow start rentals and operating lease contracts

Johnson Reed
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We have been working closely with many types of organisations in the public sector, and increasingly we’ve started working with schools to provide new equipment and resources, even in cash-strapped situations.

We are ideal to help schools with acquiring new equipment because we can offer operating lease contracts, which means the school can comply with education financial regulations by not being seen to own the equipment.

We can also offer slow start rentals (also known as “deferred rentals”), which means schools can sign up and take delivery today, but do not start paying for a delayed period – usually up to 6 months.

This is ideal when the school’s new budget is just around the corner in April. It means the school can take possession of the new equipment today and pay for it in their next financial year in April.

Just some of the school equipment leasing we can offer include:

  • Hardware (Desktops, Laptops, etc.)
  • Software
  • Digital Projectors
  • Furniture
  • Sports Equipment