Cool kit for school classrooms with operating lease

Johnson Reed
1m read

This never happened at school when we were kids. Interactive whiteboards, digital projectors, laptops and sound systems? It was just a piece of chalk in our day.

These days though it’s a different story, and education authorities are insisting that schools keep abreast of IT developments. They’re also encouraging schools to be more independent with their purchasing decisions. So in order to comply with Local Education Authority lease contract regulations, Johnson Reed has developed a service specifically to fulfill schools’ requirements for signing operating leases.

Baguely Hall Primary School in Manchester was a recent example where we helped them avoid the need to elevate the purchasing decision to their LEA. They wanted to replace some ageing equipment and keep up-to-date with technology, so Johnson Reed helped with funding for all this state-of-the-art kit, which even included Apple ipads. All equipment and support was supplied by Apex Computing. With the new regulations, head teachers or bursars are allowed to sign off purchases, which makes the whole process much quicker and simpler.

When it comes to funding for the public sector, Johnson Reed has an excellent track record, particularly in the education arenas. In this case, a gold star and ten-out-of-ten for effort was awarded to us by head teacher, John McKie.