Handling nursery facilities with kid gloves

Johnson Reed
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That’s what we’re used to at Johnson Reed. Any of our specialist market sectors will tell you how expertly and intelligently we regard their needs. We’ll come up with solutions that are right for you, efficiently and quickly. That’s why we get reactions from our clients like this one:

“We were very pleased with the speed with which Mark and his team sourced equipment for our new day nursery”

The nursery in question was Rollers UK, part of the KidsPlay Childcare group, that generates a £3million turnover from its 17 registered childcare centres across the country. Their business expansion plans have hinged around the fact that they don’t just regard this business as ‘play’ for kids – they concentrate on care of the child and after-school activities as well.

They needed finance for new furniture for their nursery facilities at Milton Keynes, so they turned to Johnson Reed for a three-year contract whereby we supplied them with all the funds they wanted. We’re very strong in the office furniture sector because we know that it’s stuff that takes a lot of battering and knocks – particularly somewhere like Rollers, where they cater for babies and teenagers, as well as young children. They regard us as trusted advisors. They know that with Johnson Reed they can get swift decisions and deliveries, without the need to approach an invariably unhelpful bank. So there’s another nice testimonial for the files.