Specialist diagnosis kit for mobile vets

Johnson Reed
1m read

The quick assessment and treatment of animal injuries can often mean the difference between life and death. When dealing with big animals – such as horses – diagnosis can be difficult, costly, and (when using sedatives) sometimes itself dangerous.

Thankfully, science and modern technology have improved in the areas of field diagnosis thanks to an amazing concept: Infrared thermography (IRt). We’re all familiar with infra-red from innumerable TV shows and action movies, but this technology can be used for the more down-to-earth practice of identifying potential injuries in animals. The technology works by measuring the heat from animals – as determined by blood flow – which can be used to identify these possible injuries.

We have been approached by over 6 sole traders as part of a nation-wide franchise of mobile animal diganositicians looking to finance these specialist cameras for the purposes of IRt diagnosis. These sole traders can be called upon by animal owners – especially in the equestrian industry – to provide a very quick and accurate summary of an animal’s wellbeing, often before a vet is able to attend to the animal.

So far we have dealt with 6 franchisees, but we estimate that as the technology proves itself ever more useful, we will be seeing more requests for finance from this specific medical sector.

For an interesting read on how this technology is being used in the equestrian world, take a read of this article.