Johnson Reed Get Bikram Yoga Highbury And Islington Into Shape

Johnson Reed
2m read

For the past four years Bikram Yoga has been helping the people of Bristol improve their posture and general well-being. Carl and Georgia Gray set up the studio after discovering Hot Yoga healed their sports injuries and made them feel a lot fitter. Georgina then traveled to the USA to become a Bikram teacher in 2007.

For those who don’t know Bikram yoga is a strong cardiovascular workout developed by Bikram Choudhury that involves 26 postures that must be carried out in a special heated room.

Already an established in Brighton, Carl and Gray decided to bring the benefits of Bikram Yoga to London. The demand was already high with around 20 Bikram studios in the UK, each having 5 classes per day with an upward of 50 people attending the class.

Carl and Georgina decided that the high demand in London meant they could bring their already established quality classes to Highbury and Islington.

The challenge and major cost of this new venture is the technology of the heat exchange equipment involved. Carl explains, “to get the room hot is one thing BUT removing the humidity after classes is another.” This is where Johnson Reed stepped in to help the couple out.

We were able to help fit the studio out and spread the cost of all the equipment over a fixed payment scheme. This allowed giving the owners to use their cash to pay for the remaining fit out.

Birkram Yoga Centre in Highbury and Islington is now open for business and we are sure it will be keep people healthy for years to come.