A seamless performance by Johnson Reed for bespoke interiors company

Johnson Reed
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When you’ve spent a relaxing summer’s day enjoying some corporate hospitality or revelling in a wedding celebration, the chances are you’ll have been inside a marquee, sitting at an immaculately decorated table. Have you ever considered the amount of washing and ironing that goes on to make sure you appreciate your host’s efforts?

Seamless Interiors is a company that arranges decorative solutions for corporate, private and sporting events across the country. And they generate a vast amount of dirty laundry. Johnson Reed helped them to keep up to speed with the latest Miele laundry equipment leased over a 60-month period. By investing in machines from leading brand manufacturers, they can turn their laundry round in the quickest time, to make sure that they always have a supply of clean linen for their ever-increasing number of event venues that they service.

The supplier, Solent Laundry Systems (SLS), only offers leading brands such as Miele and Electrolux, and they support the hospitality sector with laundry and dishwashing equipment for every type of small business or industrial application. Both the customer and the supplier benefited from the Johnson Reed philosophy of creating reduced cost, improved operations and better internal efficiencies for all involved. Our laundry equipment leasing meant that we helped to make sure that everyone gets the most pleasure from those prestigious events where presentation is all-important.