The Johnson Reed cure for growing pains

Johnson Reed
1m read

Manchester is a booming place, and we’ve worked with several companies that are helping to promote the growth of this city, notable for its culture, music, scientific, engineering, sporting and media connections. Winning Pitch is one such business. They are a specialist provider of high growth coaching services and they came to us – to help with their own growth of course.


Winning Pitch is well known in the business coaching field. They have a research-led philosophy, with a passion for supporting ambitious entrepreneurs to realise their full potential and achieve levels of growth way above the norm. Their success in servicing a 3-year, £10 million government contract with the Northwest Regional Development Agency has led to a further contract to roll out their coaching programme nationwide.

This has meant a move to new premises, an increase of staff from 20 to 50, together with new office furniture and IT infrastructure. It was time to call in Johnson Reed – again – for some much needed leasing deals. Armed with new servers, PCs, laptops and software, they will now be able to support around 7,000 businesses across the UK with their invaluable service.

With a bit of luck they might also pass our name onto some of them. 7,000 businesses looking for trusted advice and speedy no-nonsense asset finance from a team of industry experts would certainly help our growth in years to come.