Speedy Service for Brennan Communications

Johnson Reed
2m read

Most of us probably give very little thought to broadband beyond its purpose in our homes. As long as our internet connection is consistent, secure and loads up our required content quickly, we remain satisfied with its service. However, our demands of the internet have changed as we now use it to access larger files of data, to stream an episode on Netflix, for example. Our internet also needs to increase its speed and capacity to cope with the demand.
In 2010, Government accessibility targets hoped to provide 90% of homes with super-fast fibre-optic broadband service, making the UK “Europe’s best broadband network” by 2015.
Martin Brennan has 30 years of experience in the networking industry, working at various fibre-splicing companies until he set up his own business, Kent-based Brennan Communications Ltd. in 1999. The small business now runs a team of eight employees, and specialises in communication rollout across the UK. The fibre-optic cables deliver a faster broadband, which can reach speeds of up to 300mbps – that’s megabits per second. The company have lucrative long-term contracts with a number of telecommunication and broadband services, including BT, Kelly’s and KMCO.
However, although fibre-optic cables are more efficient, if they are ‘pulled’ into place like the copper cables used for telephone line and mobile networks, they will snap. Therefore, a blowing machine is required, to let the fibre through the exchange to the required location- “to the kerb” and “to the premises”.
Martin was first introduced to Johnson Reed through communications materials supplier, Mills. Through a leasing agreement, Brennan Communications were able to purchase a Fremco fibre-blowing machine and compressor, helping Martin and the team meet their increasing demand.
When we called Martin to see how he was getting on with the equipment, he was invariably very busy! He was pleased with the quick turnaround and simplicity of the leasing agreement, enabling to secure the equipment he needed through simple paperwork. He summed up his experience with Johnson Reed as “Brilliant!”.