Spectrum Press specify Tharstern

Johnson Reed
1m read

Spectrum Press was established in 2002, so they were born into the digital age. Based in Edmonton, North London, they offer quality pre-press design and artwork, pre-press repro, and digital and litho printing. They operate from state-of-the-art premises and in such a competitive business, they know that they have to commit to the latest technologies to win and keep business.

As with many printers, they’ve had the foresight to invest in specialist software to enhance their package of services so that they can compete at the very highest end of the market for quality and speed. They turned to Johnson Reed, knowing that we have experience in the print market, for help with their lease finance arrangements.

We specialise in IT finance and we were able to recommend a company based in Colne, Lancashire. Tharstern is unequivocally recognised as a global leader in the supply of innovative management information systems technology, specifically tailored to support the exacting needs of the commercial printing and graphic arts industry.

As a result of the diversity of kit we were able to source, all with fixed repayment terms, they installed Tharstern’s SmallPrint system, a suite that integrates job costing, CRM, accounting and back office and user management. With prestigious customers such as Carlsberg and Savlon amongst many others, Spectrum can be assured they’ll keep ahead in an industry that demands perfection – only possible with the very best equipment and resources.