Printers that design or designers that print?

Johnson Reed
1m read

With an address like Ironworks Road, Barrow-in-Furness, you’d think that Johnson Reed have started supporting heavy industry. Finance for a new strip rolling mill perhaps? Or a few forges for the ship making industry?

That’s the address of printers HSP Milners, a much more delicate business. Heavy machinery for printing, yes. But getting to the print stage itself demands far more subtle kit. Apple Macs rule the waves these days in Barrow and that’s why HSP Milners have to keep abreast of trends with their IT equipment. If you want to maintain credibility in the design world, you need top-of-the-range servers and iMacs.

We worked in conjunction with Conformedia, an established IT support company, to supply updated kit to this 67-year old print company that produces quality print collateral, including company reports, brochures and catalogues – still in demand in spite of the so-called paperless society that we all thought we were heading towards.

For this client, so typical of our IT lease finance deals, we were able to supply new Apple equipment with no deposits and no personal guarantees. We only needed the most basic information and then we could act quickly to turn the order round. So HSP Milners can carry on designing, and printing, knowing that they’re keeping bang up-to-date in their field in Ironworks Road.