Powerful Apples to help retailers with greater sales

Johnson Reed
1m read

There’s no doubt that high-end Apple computers rule the waves in many areas of commerce, especially in the advertising business. An expanding ad agency in Blackpool, WRT Group, came to Johnson Reed for some IT finance for leasing a new suite of Apple iMacs, Apple iPad2s and associated operating software to help achieve their ambitious growth plans.

Established in 1990, WRT operates from 13 sales offices across the country. Originally they produced publications for county constabularies, fire brigades and local authorities, but more recently they started creating promotion opportunities for some big retail clients like Homebase, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, amongst others. A series of programmes in areas such as print services and digital media has seen their operations expand into new purpose built premises, where they needed new IT equipment to cope with client demands.

The new kit was supplied by C&D Systems of Wigan. Both parties appreciated the simplicity of our procedures – a simple deal that only required basic information at the outset. The client benefited, as well as the supplier, with arrangements that meant WRT could afford the best quality, with the opportunity of upgrading it all again when needed, to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Essential for them, given that they’re servicing some of the top retailers in the country.