A perfect package for PFF

Johnson Reed
2m read

You might not have heard of PFF Packaging before now, but you will have definitely used their products. Established in 1993, they are one of the largest UK independent food packaging manufacturers, and supply the leading ‘big brand’ supermarkets as well as many multi-national food manufacturers.
ColossusCloud / Pixabay
The team at PFF were previously operating with a fragmented system running on multiple servers and moved to upgrade their servers to keep up with the growing demand of the business.
Nevis provided the company with an all-encompassing solution that was tailored to their needs; introducing measures to prevent any downtime.
With two decades’ experience in the industry, Nevis are the one-stop shop for everything IT, and ensure that your business servers and IT infrastructure are in safe hands.
Sales Director, Ross Downing, explained, “It was important for all aspects of the solution to be in line with the customer’s requirements. We supplied them with two server platforms replicated to each other to provide a resilient and fault tolerant solution. Business continuity for PFF was key, so the solution Nevis provided ensured that if the server platform failed, the second platform could take over the roles of the primary.”
“Another key factor was the option to lease; once I contacted James from Johnson Reed, within minutes he came back to me with sign off on the lease. He also came to visit the customer in person to answer any of their questions and get the documents signed.”
IT solutions are often a big outlay, and not even considered by many traditional lenders due to its lack of residual value. At Johnson Reed, we work from a central server ourselves, and understand first-hand the importance of this to your business! Through a leasing agreement with us, PFF were able to spread the cost of the package over a fixed period, and plan their budgets around these repayments (a big bonus for Financial Directors!) Meanwhile, the business can continue to trade and thrive with the technology they need whilst retaining their cash flow.
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