New Technology Driving SME Change

Johnson Reed
1m read

Research conducted by CompTIA, a global IT trade association, has shown the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are rapidly adopting new technologies, such as tablets, cloud computing, and social media.

The report includes analysis of how businesses can leverage emerging IT solutions to face the ever-changing challenges that IT departments will continue to face as computing becomes a more critical part of running a business.

The research goes on to show that 18% of SMEs are already using cloud computing, and 30% more intend to introduce them during the next year. 93% of the companies already using the services found the transition was easy, and 79% reported positive results. Within the demographic already using cloud services, 81% expect to increase their usage over the next two years.

Despite these encouraging numbers, some SMEs (50%) still voice concerns about security, as well as reliability of the provider (30%), and the internet connections (27%), and a lack of understanding of how cloud computing works (26%).

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