Making the sums add up for IT equipment

Johnson Reed
1m read

We have to confess to being a bit disillusioned sometimes at Johnson Reed. When we were approached by a company called Broadthunder, we got quite excited in anticipation of the nature of their business.

Perhaps they were into extreme sports; maybe white water rafting. Or they might have been a wind surfing company, or wanted new wakeboards for some wave-jumping wipeout activities. Snowboarders are always damaging their kit as well, and need replacements. It could have been to do with bungee jumping, hang gliding, sky diving, mountain biking, motocross, scuba diving, powerboat racing or extreme skiing.

But no. Actually, Broadthunder is an accountancy firm in Manchester. They came to us for a hardware leasing package worth £8,384.50 (as they’re accountants, we have to be precise in this case, for VAT reasons) over 36 months. They appreciated the speed of turnaround and the prompt feedback. And of course, they appreciated the tax efficiency of leasing equipment rather than buying it themselves.

For our part, we were actually quite relieved that Broadthunder wasn’t maybe a heavy metal punk rock band that needed new equipment. On the other hand, perhaps this is an industry sector we haven’t discovered yet?