MagneticNorth Are Solving Problems With Johson Reed

Johnson Reed
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Manchester based award-winning, independent digital design company MagneticNorth deal with massive clients ranging from the BBC to Google on a daily basis. Being in business since 2000 they have a proven track record of creating award winning digital firsts.

Known for their motto ‘People Hire us to think: Strategy; Ideas; Problem Solving’ they had a problem of their own which was making sure they were keeping up to date with the latest technology. They needed new PCs, Macs, and laptops to create their amazing digital content and needed someone to help them achieve this goal.

Getting a tip off from a local IT firm, the great ideas men at MagneticNorth decided that Johnson Read could solve the IT problems with a easy financing deal.

After meeting up with the MagneticNorth MD in person we offered them a straightforward deal for £30,000 worth of equipment.

Thanks to JR we have kept our cash in tack and we would never of had links to this lender.

They also chose to use Tier One cheap funds from an American bank operating in the UK with a lease division.

With the new computers running and synapses firing, MagneticNorth are working even better to bring creatively designed content made for all people and for the everyday.

If you want see some of MagneticNorth’s projects, our favourite is the interactive installation involving the BBC Philharmonic in a shipping container, or hire them to design your new digital content please go to