Leasing proven to make commercial sense

Johnson Reed
2m read

Research has shown that outdated software and hardware is being blamed for prohibiting commercial efficiency amongst businesses in the UK. According to a survey by Equanet, the Dixons Retail-owned provider of IT solutions, only one in five IT managers update their technology hardware annually. Forty-seven per cent of businesses wait three years before updating, which is causing our economy to fall behind in the race to keep up with technology.

Phil Birkbeck, managing director of Equanet, described the situation as ‘a noose tightening around the neck of UK businesses’. He said,

“To maintain our influence on a global scale and compete against increasingly tech-savvy companies overseas, we will have to answer the question, why is new technology not reaching UK business?”

He added, “As the speed of technological innovation has increased, UK business has proved ill-equipped to maintain such momentum. We need to invest now to have any confidence in the future. Everyone knows budgets are tight but there are ways of coping, it just seems that companies don’t know where to look. Options such as leasing solutions need to be nurtured otherwise the only certainty for UK business will be that, in ten years time, we will have completely lost the ability to compete in the international market.”

One major hurdle is the lack of cash. More than half of UK businesses have tried to take out a bank loan to fund IT, but only 43 per cent of these have been successful. This is where Johnson Reed can step in to make a positive difference to a company’s fortunes.

Two thirds of companies have never used financing options when purchasing IT equipment, but if you come to Johnson Reed, the whole process will be simple, quick and straightforward. With us you can protect your cash flow and invest in the best possible technology. If you’re desperate to loosen the noose, Johnson Reed is clearly the way forward when so many banks refuse to play ball.