Just what the doctor ordered…

Johnson Reed
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DarkoStojanovic / Pixabay
All Cures are one of the nation’s leading retail pharmacies in the UK, owned by the busy Cheema family. Established back in 1981, the chain has a total of 13 branches across Essex and North London. Their online shop was launched in 1999, serving patients of both NHS and private health care.
In the competitive pharmacy industry, accuracy and efficiency are vital, which is why IT infrastructure is so important to business. Through a software leasing agreement and simple paperwork, All Cures were able to get the funding they needed to upgrade and replace their old system.
Pharmacy software company, Positive Solutions, provided the chemist chains with a full suite of their products; helping them to manage everything from Patient Medication Records to warehouse orders and costing.
Positive Solutions’ Sales Manager, David Eaves, explained, “We provided All Cures with an all-encompassing solution which allows them to be extremely competitive in today’s market. The system allows the pharmacist to take a pro-active approach with their patients and keeps them up to date via text and email.”
The full suite of Analyst products includes Head Office, Main Office, Order Manager and IPS; the only system on the market that fully integrates Patient Medication Records and the EPOS till system. The software provides a central point from which all 13 branches work; streamlining everyday tasks and keeping a competent record of customer, branch and warehouse operations.
As your business grows and develops, your computer software needs to keep up! Many UK businesses put up with ageing IT systems for fear of parting with a lump sum of capital expenditure.  Software leasing is an entirely different ball game. At Johnson Reed, we help you get the equipment your business requires now without affecting your all-important cash reserves. We work with you to set convenient fixed-term repayments that help you spread the cost over several years.
All Cures Managing Director, Kirandeep Cheema, said of the service, “The Johnson Reed team is always available when our growing organisation needs assistance with finance. The team is helpful, responsive, experienced and reliable.”