Johnson Reed Provide Sale and Leaseback IT Equipment in Cheshire

Johnson Reed
1m read

We have started providing IT equipment leasing to 1st Easy Limited based in Cheshire, first established in 1999. 1st Easy operate a data centre in Congleton and are a well-respected IT company who have a constant need for new Dell servers.

We set up an IT equipment leasing deal to finance new Dell servers on an ongoing basis when required. 1st Easy’s deal came with a complication, Dell have stringent invoice instructions which hamper the speed at which 1st Easy can get new servers. To combat this, 1st Easy pays directly to Johnson Reed and then we go and buy the servers from Dell, fulfilling their invoice requirements instead of 1st Easy having to.

This benefits them by allowing them to get the servers quickly, just when they need them. The Sale & Leaseback deal is a huge benefit to 1st Easy because it means they don’t have to pay a deposit and the speed of turnaround is higher than buying direct.

Stephen Bell, Director of 1st Easy, commented that he trusts Johnson Reed to fulfill their IT leasing requirements, and we both look forward to a continued successful working relationship.