Johnson Reed Helping CS Systems Store

Johnson Reed
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CS Systems offer high quality, solution-focused IT services for both Apple and PC platforms in Manchester. They boast to be the leading force in IT services for the past 20 years, working with top marketing companies and healthcare providers.

This local Manchester company knows that all business need their data backing up and as a commitment to the safest reliable offsite data storage they decided to upgrade their offsite backup hardware.

Having worked with CS Systems for over ten years we were the first choice for owner Adrian Meadowcroft’s financial needs. Adrian writes:

Having worked with the whole team from JR for many years now, it was a simple decision to place my finance requirement with them.

Here at Johnson Reed we could offer them a quick and simple deal that also helped CS Systems to choosing us to finance two other transactions £5,000 each with us.

We are excited to say the upgrades went smoothly and CS Systems are currently offering even better and safer offsite backup options and Owner Adrian says the deal has helped the business to grow, “We have now increased out recurring income 3 fold with Johnson Reed’s help and my cash has been used to grow the sales team. Thanks!”

If you’re a business that needs the top IT support, web hosting or offsite and cloud backup then don’t hesitate to call