Johnson Reed Help Make Motion Imaging Ltd More Animated

Johnson Reed
2m read

Motion Imaging LTD is a creative animation and CGI studio that are proud of pushing the boundaries and making the most interesting ideas a reality. Starting off as a design and marketing company they have branched out to become specialists in broadcasting, games, architecture and brand development.

They want to give their clients endless creative opportunities and their staff comes from wide backgrounds such as animation, visual effects, architecture and computer games. Motion Imaging LTD can truly bring a whole 360 span of experience.

Working with blue chip, high-end clients they need to prove their commitment to quality and this means keeping their software and hardware constantly up to date. Also because their IT supplier offered strong discounts if they ordered all their hardware at the same their accountants put them in contact with us at Johnson Reed to help finance the deal.

We provided their IT supplier a real clarity of finance that had a proven track record and split the transaction into two hardware sections to accommodate the supplier payment terms while offering Motion Imaging LTD a seven year time frame to pay back the £60,000 financing deal.

Motion Imaging LTD MD, Amanda was very happy with our service “The whole team at JR have been great they provided clear instruction to me supply and gave all parties the confidence to proceed, I look forward to working with JR again. With no deposit and three year term dealing with JR was simple.”

Being local we had the opportunity to see the brand new hardware being installed. The servers are very impressive; we were astonished by how much data storage they have available to save their world class video and graphics content.

If you are interested in seeing what Motion Imaging LTD have created please visit their website at