Johnson Reed finance schools with slow start rentals

Johnson Reed
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Johnson Reed are delighted to announce another successful contract with a school to fund the leasing of new IT equipment. The equipment is based on an operating lease, allowing the school to use the equipment without owning it – complying with some school finance regulations – and is also a slow start rental, meaning the school can take delivery of the equipment immediately but start paying the lease for a delayed period.

Included in the lease was a wide variety of IT hardware, laptops, digital projects, and software, all of which will help the school improve the academic achieve of its pupils. These types of deals come as a relief to some schools and parents, especially after a recent report published by the BBC, whereby Ofsted described ICT as ‘poor in secondary schools’. OFSTED’s Chief Inspector Miriam Rosen said:

In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, young people need to be given the opportunity to learn ICT skills in an interesting, challenging and relevant way.

Public sector finance & leasing is becoming more and more popular, with the austerity measures all organisations – from Schools, Housing Associations to the NHS – are starting to realise the benefits of moving new equipment requirements away from stringent capital budgets into revenue budgets.