Isle of Wight company makes much needed changes with Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
1m read

When an established company decided to buy a new office block on the Isle of Wight they realised that vital changes needed to be made to the building.

To keep up to date and improve the working conditions, they decided that a full fit out of the building was needed. This didn’t just include basics like new computers and furniture, the office needed suspended ceilings, partitioning and new flooring to bring it to their standards.

After having difficulty getting the funding for these soft assets from their usual broker, Johnson Reed was recommended to help.

Being industry specialists, we could give them a £68,000 finance deal after just a brief discussion. This allowed them to keep their much-needed capital intact and allow us to settling euro invoices from European suppliers.

With the renovation of the building a success, we are happy to say that the company has made the changes needed for it to be the perfect working environment for the office staff on the Isle of Wight.

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