Helping to boost business with vendor finance

Johnson Reed
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At Johnson Reed we regard the financial needs of the country’s SMEs very highly, so it’s refreshing when we partner with vendors who have the same attitude to enterprises that are responsible for driving innovation and competition in so many industry sectors.

Hudson Hill is one such company. They are specialist IT & software providers to the SME market, and we’ve worked with them for several years on simple, straightforward transactions whereby the ultimate client can benefit in so many ways.

Ian Hudson says of the relationship he’s built up with us,

“We never used to offer leasing to our clients as a norm, only on an ad hoc basis when clients couldn’t afford the system they need. Since being introduced to Johnson Reed three years ago, we now think it’s imperative that all of our clients get a finance option with every quotation, regardless of the size of the deal.”

We advise all equipment resellers to look at the added value that Johnson Reed will bring to your sales process. As Ian says,

“Specifically, Johnson Reed helped me provide weekly, monthly and daily quotes for every job. And more importantly, they break down the tax savings that the client may obtain. Most clients know that leasing is tax-efficient, but don’t know why. The Johnson Reed tools help us to explain this as we’re not finance men. Leasing is a benefit, not just a cost to their business. In many cases I was surprised to note that, once tax savings are accounted for, often the equipment lease can be considered to be interest-free, having offset the tax savings.”

So there you have it. All vendors take note. Use Johnson Reed and you can expect to benefit in so many ways. We’ll help you secure a sale, shorten the sales cycle and, the chances are, we can help you increase your order value, promoting an immediate return on investment for the end client, and if you’re after new IT equipment, we can suggest a very good company to help you out. Just give Ian Hudson a call.

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