IT Hardware boost for London care home

Johnson Reed
1m read

When it comes to caring for the elderly, rules and regulations on standards and quality of equipment can be extremely tight – and for good reason.

No less important than medical equipment is IT hardware and software – the backbone of infrastructure at care homes. Which is why we see more and more requests for equipment finance from care homes, asking for help with upgrading or replacing their ageing IT hardware and software capabilities.

We were asked recently by a care home in Greater London with an outstanding level of care to help provide finance for exactly that: bringing their IT equipment up to date and thus helping them improve their efficiency and service to their residents.

We provided just under £10,000 worth of equipment leasing for investment in new IT infrastructure, with a fixed term period of 3 years. Our leasing agreements are excellent for all kinds of businesses, and come with inherent tax advantages and flexible options for upgrading equipment (especially useful when it comes to IT).

What’s more, we were able to provide the finance with no personal guarantees required, and very little in the way of an upfront deposit. We only require basic information upfront, and our paperwork is simple. Finally, one of the greatest advantages we provide, is that our forms of finance mean you can avoid using your bank for traditional forms of lending.

A final note of thanks to IT hardware supplier NSM Services Ltd for introducing the care home to us.