Bloomfield Packaging welcome their Inner Circles

Johnson Reed
2m read

With email addresses, Dropbox, Google Drives, an overabundance of passwords and endless files to juggle, your IT system at work can understandably seem a little overwhelming. By simplifying and integrating business networks, Staffordshire-based ITP Group aim to replace computing chaos with their entrepreneurial ‘Inner Circles’ software. Sharing files with colleagues, scheduling appointments, managing invoices and recording your billable hours from your desk or on your smart phone are just a few of the useful features it offers.
“Most small businesses are stuck with old IT systems that are struggling to cope with the demands of customers and the needs of the business. Information technology is the engine room of all modern successful businesses.” –ITP Group
Manufacturers of high-quality polythene products, Bloomfield Packaging, have been working closely with the ITP Group to tailor their new Cloud-based ‘Inner Circles’ software specifically to their needs, and are currently reaping the benefits.
“We provided Bloomfield Packaging with our own Cloud-based ‘Inner Circles’ which we develop here in Staffordshire,” explains Sean Kelly, Sales Director at ITP Group. “We visit a client and look at all their systems and processes to scope the company’s requirements and then we configure the system to match their exact needs.”
Since implementing ‘Inner Circles’ Bloomfield Packaging have expanded their 10 hour shifts over 5 days a week to 24/7 production. The software has helped them to recruit two new members of staff, determine visibility of production and wastage and from this, work out the exact cost of sale.
Through a leasing agreement with Johnson Reed, Bloomfield Packaging has incurred no upfront cost and the development and configuration of the system was included in the price, for the term of the lease.
“Since using the Inner Circles software, everything is easier to monitor and it’s made us completely paperless. We’re a lot more efficient,” says Director of Bloomfield Packaging, Dave Fellows. “We worked closely with ITP Group for around six months because the software was scoped to our requirements.”
Once Inner Circles was tailored as necessary, Johnson Reed turned the agreement around in less than 48 hours, allowing Bloomfield a quick delivery of their new system.