Pure water is the perfect tonic for Champneys guests

Johnson Reed
2m read

When you enjoy the kind of reputation that Champneys do, you don’t skimp on the finer details of pandering to the diverse tastes of your well-heeled guests. Known for their spa resorts and day spa offerings, they provide daily relaxation and fitness classes in sleek gyms, to anyone wanting detox, weight loss or overall wellness treatments – in style.

The well-respected spa resort was founded in the Home County of Bedfordshire, but its fame has now enabled it to open resorts in several other English counties over the years, including Hampshire and Leicestershire. They needed to install new water purification systems into five of their sites, so they came to Johnson Reed for a £3,300 hospitality finance deal over 48 months.

This wasn’t a big deal for us but, whether we’re working for a large national chain, or a one-man-band, in the hospitality field, we put the same amount of skill and expertise into finding the right equipment, at the right price and designed to satisfy the client’s brief. In this instance, Champneys saw the need to replace some ageing kit to show their customers that they’re keeping up with technology. We didn’t ask for personal guarantees – it was a straightforward deal with no deposit either.

Champneys valued the simple paperwork and being able to liaise with just one point of contact. At this moment in time, our account manager is probably being pampered at one of the Champneys sites herself, as a ‘thank you’, while she delicately tucks into her nourishing carrot soup and lettuce leaves for lunch.