New bodies for old

Johnson Reed
1m read

If someone came to you asking for a microdermabrasion system, you could be forgiven for thinking that it might be something to do with light industry – maybe a machine for removing very small scratches from the bodywork of your car.

Well, you’d be in the right area, but it’s more to do with human bodywork than the automotive kind. At Johnson Reed, we’d know instantly, because we’re familiar with the hospitality and beauty business, so we could competently assist when the Angel Spa, based at the Copthorne Hotel in Slough, came to us for some help with finance leasing. They needed £6,163 over 36 months for a specialist non-invasive aesthetic treatment system.

CACI International supplied the machines – a cosmetic procedure for removing the outermost surface of the skin with an abrasive treatment tip that provides progressive and controlled skin exfoliation. It polishes and massages the skin as well.

This is a typical example of the way in which Johnson Reed can work with clients who want to commit to improving their facilities. We didn’t need a deposit and the paperwork was simplicity itself. So we had a very happy client.

And of course, the Angel Spa clients are delighted too. In fact one lady reported that she ‘felt so relaxed from a facial massage that she fell asleep!’