Home Away From Home

Johnson Reed
2m read

Whatever the reasons behind choosing residential care for your loved ones, it helps to know they’re in a supporting, friendly and caring atmosphere- and you can be rest-assured they’re getting the care they need.
Ken Bhanji is an established care home operator, also owning Haven Care Home in Maidstone and Clair Francis Residential Home in Peterborough. Founded in 2004, Fernbank Nursing Home in Finchley is the largest of the independently-owned sites, homing up to 34 residents at any one time.
As a long-standing Johnson Reed customer, Ken has turned to us on a number of occasions for help financing equipment for his various sites.
By upgrading and investing in necessary equipment, Ken and his team can continue to provide the highest standard of care and ensure that every individual’s needs are met to the fullest; meeting their ‘home away from home’ ethos.
Through leasing agreements, the nursing homes have been kitted out with two aquabathe units, air conditioning and a water-heating system. Our consultant, Paula, has been Ken’s main point of contact throughout the relationship.
Ken said of the deal, “Paula was very good. She sorted everything out really quickly and the various deals were fast and hassle-free.”
We consistently hear that traditional lenders, such as banks, shy away from ‘non-standard’ assets. Unable to find comfort in the equipment’s future value they then underrate or simply ignore the reasons and rationale for the purchase.
Here at Johnson Reed, we pride ourselves on financing a huge range of ‘quirky equipment’, achieved through our die-hard focus on the intrinsic value that kit will add to your business – in most cases to generate revenue or reduce your costs.
Unsure whether we’d finance your quirky kit? We have a 92% acceptance rate- try us!