Taking the high road to healthier feet

Johnson Reed
1m read

It must be all that marching in kilts with bagpipes that causes so many podiatry problems in Scotland. We have a client who’s been running her own chiropractor and podiatry clinic on the outskirts of Edinburgh for the past six years. The prevalence of foot and limb problems has meant that she’s been very successful. So now Angela Gallacher has decided to open another Podiatry Plus Scotland clinic just one mile from the city centre.

The building work is nearly complete and she’s due to open very soon. As part of her expansion plans, Angela is installing a gait analysis treadmill system at the new clinic to help her offer a more accurate and comprehensive rehabilitation programme, as well as a range of therapies and treatments.

She turned to Johnson Reed for gym kit finance because she knew that we could act quickly and avoid delaying her start date. Because we have good relationships with our suppliers, our dedicated account managers can turn orders round very efficiently and our clients can soon be benefiting from new equipment, with a minimum of paperwork.

Mind you, we had a slight giggle when Angela first approached us, explaining that she needed the kit to help to look after people’s feet – and she told us she was a sole trader.