Seconds out for another success story

Johnson Reed
2m read

‘We’re not here to kiss your butt – only to kick it if that’s what you need’. Not the most delicate of slogans admittedly, but when we tell you that this is the ethos of a new-start gym project, specialising in boxing for children and ladies, perhaps you can appreciate the somewhat aggressive nature of their claim.

Nick Hindle and Rousel Chowdhury have set up a new gym and boxing studio on the first floor of a converted mill in Keighley, and they’re gaining members fast. They’re just as forthright with their equipment needs as well. They already offer free weights, hammer strength equipment and fitness cable machines, as well as professional boxing tuition. But they also wanted the best CV and resistance fitness machines on the market, so they came to Johnson Reed for a knockout deal. We always like to help new businesses off the ground, particularly when they’re as persuasive as Nick and Rousel.

Rousel says:

“I want the gym to grow around the members and their needs. I have years of experience in developing training plans, diets and routines for myself and others to help achieve their goals. I have always shared my knowledge as best I can. This approach to training is what I want to create and see on the floor of NRGym.”

So, they’ve already got some of the best gym kit around, and they’ve also placed an order for more equipment for the anticipated increase in business. Surely that’s a points victory for Johnson Reed?