Peter Nelson Fitness get into shape with Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
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Peter Nelson Fitness is a gym in Pickering that has a modern day approach to getting and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Peter Nelson and his team offer a wide range of contemporary fitness classes that suit everyone’s needs, whether it is one-on-one or group training.

They offer options for all levels of fitness, including an intense four-week boot camp of dynamic exercises, Pilates, Met-Box non-contact strength training, Met-Con suspension and kettlebell training, and moderate level Active Core sessions.

With customer demand at an all time high, Peter knew it was time to improve his facilities by replace his aging cardio kit and free weights to bring a higher quality and experience for his clients.

Peter decided Fitness product specialist Indigo 23 fitness, based in Daventry, were the best company to get all their new equipment. Indigo 23 recommended getting a finance deal to buy the equipment.

They came to us at Johnson Reed to help with the financing of the purchase because they know we are the industry specialists and could offer them a small, simple deal that offered one point of contact and simple paperwork, with only basic information needed. We were able to give them a £2894 financing for 3 years that allowed them to avoid using the banks.

With new better quality kit installed, Peter Nelson Fitness has succeeded in bringing new training methods and routines to his regular clients and continues to attract more new members to the gym.

If you want to lose a few pounds or keep up your fitness regime, there are no better fitness centres than Peter Nelson Fitness. Please visit them at