New gym becomes flagship for equipment supplier

Johnson Reed
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Mcability / Pixabay

Gym 28 is a new-start business in Astley, Manchester. It has recently been developed by a husband, wife and son partnership that wanted top of the range equipment to be the basis of their member facilities. They approached Johnson Reed for gym kit finance in the form of a 36-month loan because they knew that we are trusted advisors, specialising in leisure and gym kit.

Phil, Kathryn and James can now boast a clean and spacious gym and workout area, including CV and strength machines. They know how important it is to keep ahead of technological and fashion trends in a competitive business. So, with us they had just one point of contact – and an expert one at that – who was able to point them in all the right directions. We understand everything about the equipment, and we can be instrumental in keeping up with the inevitable changes and improvements in the market place. With our help, their studio now features classes for boxercise, pilates, spinning and zumba amongst other activities, all designed to promote well being. Holistic therapies and health related services complete the line up.

The equipment was supplied by the long-standing Fitness Warehouse company, who were so impressed with the plans and location for Gym 28, that they have agreed to use the facility as their flagship showroom site in Manchester. Praise indeed for a venture that has success written all over it.