Making huge gains for One Body Athletic

Johnson Reed
2m read

After building a fantastic core fitness offering, One Body Athletic were ready to expand. They had their members, and their space. But all of the necessary, specialised equipment could only be achieved with a Johnson Reed lease agreement…

Sheffield-based husband and wife duo, Josh and Alice, were already established in the fitness industry. One Body Athletic shuns treadmills, spin cycles and other typical exercise kit in favour of callisthenics, weights, climbing frames, suspension training and PT classes. These are the hallmarks of their brand, and have led to some astonishing member transformations since launch.

But the couple had a problem – they expanded the gym into a vacant unit next door to meet demand, and were financing the fit-out themselves. Little funds were left over for a range of equipment that would bring the One Body touch to this additional space. Meanwhile, plenty of members had signed on, waiting to walk through the door…

Our work in boutique strength and conditioning requests for those in the fitness industry has been on the rise. So Johnson Reed were prepared to act fast when Josh got in touch. He received a recommendation from one of our partners in equipment manufacture (around 80% of our business comes from referrals). Adrian, from Johnson Reed, explained a few leasing options. He also told Josh and Alice how they could save tax if they listed leases as an expense, which eases potential strains on their cash flow.

They liked what they heard. Just 24 hours later, One Body had the lease agreements ready to go.

These paid for the flooring, pull-up rigs, kettlebells and other callisthenics features, dividing the cost over several years for a manageable payment plan. Josh and Alice faced some delays with the build itself, but from an equipment standpoint, they couldn’t have been happier. Their improved gym opened in time to catch the glut of new members in January, meaning the speed at which we worked was extremely valuable.

Today, Josh and Alice are doing incredible things with their added financial freedom. Even Comet the gym dog smiles for every photo! We hope to work with One Body again as they continue to go (literally) from strength to strength.

“Straight away, we liked what Josh and Alice wanted to do – they are doing it in the right way, and we wanted to help. They had a clear vision and a passion for fitness; they came to us and we shared the desire to make that a reality. Within 24 hours, it was. We were really happy to help them, and encourage other businesses to reach out and take that next step.”


Adrian Barratt, Senior Account Manager at Johnson Reed