Case Study: Johnson Reed reaches new heights with the Freedom Climber

Johnson Reed
1m read

It seems the need to keep fit is ever-present, and if you suddenly get the urge to go mountaineering, Scotland is a good place to be. No, not the Cairngorms or the Grampians, but at the Gym 64 leisure centre in Fife. They’ve just taken delivery of Scotland’s first Freedom Climber – a revolutionary rotating climbing wall that gives all the physical challenges and exercise benefits of continuous climbing, but in a safe, low level environment.

This project is a good example of Johnson Reed’s enthusiasm for supporting new start businesses. We helped Gym 64 launch in April 2011 with a no-deposit gym equipment leasing scheme to cover the diverse range of kit that was needed to put them on the map with their new 15,000sq ft venture. Membership has been escalating ever since.

Then along they came again early this year with their plans for the Freedom Climber. We were happy to oblige once more, with this unique piece of equipment that gives a fantastic body workout using upper body, lower body and core muscle groups. It also requires balance, flexibility, strength, hand-eye coordination and improves stamina and cardiovascular conditioning.

As if all that isn’t enough, you could also try your hand at zumba, body pump, body combat, indoor cycling, booty tone, TRX, kettle bells, yoga, pilates… the list is endless. There’s no excuse now for unfit people in Fife.