Fitter staff for a better performance

Johnson Reed
1m read

If you’re a global leader in powertrain solutions to the automotive industry, it may come as no surprise that the management of one Bradford-based company also believes in providing some ‘power training’ facilities for their staff as well.

BorgWarner have offices across the globe, but their head office building is in Bradford where they offer corporate-level leisure facilities for their elite staff, to help promote a healthy work-life balance.

Ageing CV and resistance equipment in their in-house gym needed replacing. Their supplier, with whom we’ve worked for four years, introduced us to this client, and we were happy to supply leaseback gym kit finance for the equipment. A typical example of a company now being able to afford the best quality and technology with regular fixed payments – thanks to Johnson Reed. That keeps the finance director happy, while the staff are appreciating their new gym facilities.

BorgWarner focuses on developing leading powertrain technologies that improve fuel economy, emissions and performance. And here’s a picture of four very fit BorgWarner directors picking up an award for their innovative turbocharger technology that features low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation. So from now on, it’ll be a case of turbocharged products manufactured by turbocharged employees. Congratulations to all.