The DataHub – an era of shared intelligence

Johnson Reed
2m read

Have you ever wondered how your gym or leisure business measures up against the latest benchmark standard? Do you know what drives key performance indicators across your business and how to adopt the very best practices from across the sector? In such a competitive industry, it’s becoming vitally important to understand how and where your business should focus, both in terms of operational performance and realising your full commercial potential.

Alex Burrows, Director at 4 global and founder of the DataHub project

4 global Consulting is a multifaceted technical consultancy that’s prominent within the sports and leisure industries. Its Sports Intelligence practice was launched in 2012 and has quickly become the leading provider of independent information and business intelligence to leisure operators, local authorities, governments and national sport bodies across the UK.

At the heart of this practice is the DataHub, a collaborative partner initiative that was launched in 2014. It provides an automated way for organisations to securely bring their data together and then access relevant sector intelligence, whatever data capture methods they may use. This allows each organisation to know what good looks like in terms of acquiring and retaining participants, and learn how to apply this intelligence to deliver local and national participation outcomes, commercial growth and social value.

The DataHub is unique within our sector. Free for all operators and local delivery partners to join, it now tracks over 270 million visits to sports facilities and activity programmes, generated by more than seven million individuals.

At Johnson Reed, gym and leisure centre operators frequently approach us with ideas to improve their business; from implementing a new fitness class to buying equipment to promoting a certain type of training. Whilst we wholeheartedly encourage business owners to be ambitious with their plans and look for ways to enhance their offering, trial and error can be a costly and time-consuming process.

By opting to anonymously and securely share your data via the DataHub, you’ll gain access to a pool of relevant intelligence generated from over 220 member operators and organisations, including independent information on how to grow your own returns. You’ll be able to discover trends, analyse your performance across the board, and ultimately, make ongoing strategic and tactical decision that are best for your business.