Leaseurope survey reveals growth in Q1 of 2015

Johnson Reed
1m read

Leasurope, the European Federation of Leasing Company Associations, is an association in the leasing and finance sector with 45 members across 33 countries. Each quarter of each year they produce their Leaseurope Index report, which surveys 17 volunteer members to analyse and track the leasing industry.

Recently they released their survey results for the first quarter (Q1) of 2015, and the results are very positive, with some figures being the highest ever recorded! All figures show substantial improvement on Q1 of 2014.

The total new leasing increased by 6.4% in 2015, compared to the same quarter in 2014. By comparison, that is just under £11.9 billion compared to £11.7 billion in 2014.

The pre-tax profit reported during the same time frame has also increased by a great 36.3%, which in real terms is £601 million compared to £465 million.

You can view the whole Leaseurope report here. It is eagerly anticipated to see whether the positive trend continued into the 2nd quarter.