Breaking records at Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
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At Johnson Reed, we’re certainly not heading for a triple-dip recession. We’ve come through all the turmoil of 2012 and burst into another new year with our heads held high. And there’s one very clear reason why. We’re quick. And banks aren’t. Many of the clients we have been helping out recently should have been able to get an overdraft from their high street banks, but have been thwarted by the typical banker’s lax attitudes to people’s urgent financial needs. Banks live in cloud cuckoo land as far as many average businesses are concerned. A machine failing at a crucial time or the opportunity of buying stock at heavily discounted prices, are examples of the need for invoices to be paid promptly. But the banks are increasingly tied up with red tape, and the underwriting turns out to be too slow, too onerous or simply plain unrealistic.

At Johnson Reed, we pride ourselves on quickly getting to understand what our prospective – or existing – clients need. We rapidly discover what the key issues are, then come up with a solution that works well for both parties. We will consider all businesses, large or small, and particularly new start businesses where short-term cash flow considerations are all important. We’re fast and flexible. We offer competitive leasing invoice discounting, with no complex underwriting, simple timescales and straightforward paperwork. That means the client can keep their overdraft intact and gain terrific tax advantages when leasing new equipment.

Just look at the case studies on our regular blog pages. We’ve helped clients across a diverse mix of business sectors, from Scotland to Cornwall and Liverpool to Hull. Johnson Reed is the national name for lending, with the interests of local businesses at heart.