Q&A with the NFFF

Johnson Reed
3m read

Join us for a catch up with NFFF Media Coordinator, Robert Norris, to discuss member benefits, equipment finance and what’s in store for the fish and chip industry in 2018.

The National Federation of Fish Friers has been in action since 1913! Give us a quick overview of what you do…

Since being formed in 1913 the National Federation of Fish Friers has had one aim and that is to bring the fish and chip industry together. We work to protect and promote the interests of fish and chip businesses throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

The NFFF is dedicated to raising standards within the industry through offering training at our Academy based near Leeds, in addition to self- study qualifications and the NFFF Quality Award – a scheme rewarding shops that provide top quality fish and chips.

The NFFF also produce the industry’s original trade magazine The Fish Friers Review which was first published in 1925! We assist with media enquiries from all across the world and have provided material for Ian Beale’s fish and chip shop, Beale’s Plaice, in Eastenders.

What does the NFFF offer its members?

With NFFF membership, fish and chip shop owners can enjoy a number of benefits including health & safety and legal support such as employment contracts, leasing agreements etc. Members can receive discounts from leading industry suppliers such as Johnson Reed. They also have access to 24 hour advice and support on all things fish and chips from the NFFF Regional Directors.

What are your predictions for the coming year in the fish and chip shop industries?

The industry is undergoing a big change, shops are becoming more professional to compete with the increased number of food outlets you will find on the high-street. The strength of fish and chips is the individuality, no fish and chip shop is the same. Many different methods can be and are used to produce a high quality portion of fish and chips which makes our industry unique.

Sustainability is also becoming more important, consumers are becoming more aware of where the products are coming from and how it’s getting onto their plate at home. The NFFF works closely with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) which means any fish with the MSC label can be traced back to a sustainable source, which protects the future of our industry.

How important are finance and leasing facilities to your members?

The ability of working with financing and leasing companies such as Johnson Reed is crucial within any industry and not just in the fish and chip trade. To be able to have the option of using financing and leasing facilities enables our members to keep moving and improving their business forward.

Buying new equipment and paying out right as a business may not be feasible, companies such as Johnson Reed take some of the pressure and strain away.

What does the NFFF have on the cards for 2018?

The NFFF is working very hard behind the scenes to protect and support the fish and chip industry and our aim is to improve our communication with our members and the wider industry. A lot of the work which we have undertaken may have been missed.

The NFFF Quality Award is now working in conjunction with Primary Authority, which may mean that one day in the near future, when a shop holds the award, they do not need a visit from their local EHO as holding the NFFF Quality Award means they are working to best practise.

We will be further engaging and working together with the other associations involved with fish and chips, and the suppliers, to help plan and create activities to promote fish and chips to the wider community. When working together the sky is the limit.

We have also recently joined the British Take Away Campaign.  This organisation has been created to give the entire takeaway sector a platform to lobby the government and raise awareness of the issues that affect us all.  Our involvement will give us a voice in this forum.