Onwards and upwards for Xtreme CSC gyms

Johnson Reed
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Ever invested time and money into trying to get fitter and healthier, just for the results to fall short of your expectations? It’s understandably frustrating, but there’s usually an explanation- maybe you’re doing the wrong kind of training for what you want to achieve, or perhaps your diet is letting you down. Whatever it might be, a little bit of guidance can go a long way and help you get the results you deserve.
This was recognised by the Xtreme CSC management team prior to the opening of their Cheltenham gym. Connor Crotchett and Leon Jones both boast an extensive background in training and fitness; with Connor serving as Director of 3D Fitness Ltd, which designs and imports their own brand of gym equipment, and having previously owned All Your Life Fitness Club in Tipperary. Leon has been in the fitness industry for 13 years, with five years of amateur kickboxing and five years in the gym industry under his belt, as well as gaining personal training and nutrition specialist qualifications.
Before embarking on this latest business venture, the team took the time to conduct a survey of over 1,000 members from various gyms to establish the ‘next best thing’ in fitness. By doing so, they were able to establish a gap in the local market and come up with the cutting-edge concept of combining strength and conditioning with functional training. As well as having maintaining a heavy presence of staff on the gym floor to advise members and help them get the most out of their workout, Xtreme CSC also offers complete diet and nutritional support.
Before the opening of the Cheltenham site in December last year, Xtreme CSC underwent a multi-phase development, using Johnson Reed to assist with the flooring, air con, the 3D lipo machine, head office IT, audio-visual equipment for the studio, and of course, the fitness equipment. Leasing the wide variety of equipment helped the business manage what would have otherwise been a huge upfront outlay- something best-avoided in the early stages of trading! The agreement allows the equipment to earn the money as they pay for it.
“Jamie and his team were great,” Connor said, “When the build commenced we felt strongly that our members deserved a high grade environment with premium equipment. His assistance in funding this and liaising with the various suppliers meant we could concentrate on the build, opening the doors, getting the word out and engaging heavily with new members. As a business owner you need partners you can trust who take some of the hassles off your desk and allow you to focus on and prioritise the most important things… our members. In that respect I regard Jamie as one of our team. When Xtreme looks to open further sites we’ll turn to him again without question”
Due to the success of the first site, Xtreme CSC opened a site in Cashel, Tipperary, at the beginning of July, and by the sounds of it, there’s more to come yet…

We are very pleased to announce that Xtreme CSC has now opened up in Co, Tipperary, Ireland! We have renovated an old gym with new state of the art equipment and a full nutrition shop and smoothie bar. Since the opening the doors have been heaving and it has been a huge success! There are many more Xtreme gyms to come to the UK and Ireland very soon, keep you eyes on this page and we will be posting updates.
-Xtreme CSC Cheltenham- Facebook

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