London’s Pretty Sweet upscales its operation

Johnson Reed
2m read

It’s no secret that the art of pastry is incredibly hard to master. You only need to watch an episode of the Great British Bake Off during pastry week to understand how stress-inducing striving for perfect pastry can be! Many UK chefs struggle with the elaborate and detailed elements of the craft, so it’s no wonder that those of us who are not blessed with culinary skills opt for the packet roll-out alternatives…
Pretty Sweet is a high-end patisserie catering service, set up by the invincible pastry partnership Claire Clark (MBE MOGB) and Sarah Crouchman. The duo identified a gap in the market for luxury, high quality and bespoke patisserie, and opened a base in London to host their operation in 2013. The business has since grown to extraordinary lengths, with larger additional premises required to accommodate growing demand.
To cover both Claire and Sarah’s incredible and extensive backgrounds in the catering industry would take some time! Both have had experience in various luxurious and high class establishments, including the Ritz and the Portman Intercontinental Hotel, and have received extraordinary accolades in recognition of their commitment to the craft. (You can read more about their wide-ranging catering backgrounds here.)
The new premises, which opened in September, form a centralised base for their operation, from which they supply all outlets, partners and private customers. Not only do they champion their perfect pastry, but also immaculate celebration cakes and intricate three-star Michelin desserts.
Claire and Sarah were referred to Johnson Reed during their expansion for assistance with their new kitchen. Ian managed to secure finance not only for the Inox catering equipment, but also for the ancillary costs, including installation and maintenance.
Claire said of the deal, “Ian went above and beyond. He came to visit our site and even communicated directly with our landlord throughout the installation, allowing us to focus elsewhere. The whole process was seamless, and we’re already seeing great returns on our investment thanks to the fixed repayment structure!”
The lease agreement was arranged in conjunction with their tight deadlines, and enabled the established partnership to enjoy great tax savings on their purchase.
Look at some of Pretty Sweet’s immaculate creations in the gallery below.