Introducing: Total Ninja

Johnson Reed
2m read

Trafford Park’s Total Ninja is the UK’s first and the world’s largest ninja park at 40,000 square feet. The venue opened in May, and if the first couple of months have been anything to go by, this is just the start for the fantastic new facility and Innovation Leisure’s latest business venture.

If you’ve ever caught an episode of ITV’s Ninja Warrior, you’ll already have an idea of what a ninja course entails. For the benefit of those who haven’t; the gameshow features athletic contestants attempting to navigate their way around a series of impossible-looking obstacles and apparatus to complete the challenge and be awarded the coveted ‘ninja warrior’ status.

Total Ninja adopts the same principle, but on a much larger and more varied scale, with eleven different ninja runs and something for everyone. Unlike the TV equivalent, you don’t need to be exceptionally athletic to give it a go – although it does help if you’re hoping to tackle the vertical spider wall!

The Trafford Park venue is host to three different sections; Ninja Academy for budding ninjas aged four and over, Ninja Recruits for age 12 and beyond, and Ninja Pro for 16 plus. With rolling logs, ring sliders, jump towers, tilting beams, scramble logs and so much more to tackle, it’s an adrenaline-fuelled activity that keeps customers coming back again and again. The additional training facility helps ninjas improve strength and conditioning and hone their skills so they can work their way up the ranks and tackle the more complex runs.

The spacious warehouse serves as a fantastic venue, with its dark interior illuminated by coloured lighting and contemporary chart hits blasting from the speakers to create a truly vibrant and lively atmosphere. Exhausted ninjas ready for a refuel can head up to the mezzanine café area, which is host to a traditional Japanese noodle bar and communal bench seating.

Managing Director of Innovation Leisure, Chris Hayes, commented, “Ninja runs and obstacles started to be a small part of our trampoline parks, but this huge, dedicated ninja park takes it to the next level. It’s the first of its kind in the UK and we believe it’ll be the largest in the world.”

As most recently illustrated by the conception of Total Ninja, the UK soft play and leisure landscapes are constantly evolving, with ideas and business ventures approaching more adventurous territory and catering to new audiences. Just like the swift uptake when trampoline parks sprang onto the scene, the rise of the ninja park could be imminent!

Total Ninja’s franchise division, Ninja 1, is already in action, with new parks due to open in Stoke and Bolton by the end of 2017. As usual, Johnson Reed will be on-hand to help should any new franchisees wish to finance their fit out or equipment costs!

Interested in becoming a Ninja 1 franchisee? Email for more information.