Folkestone Sports Centre upgrade full cardio range

Johnson Reed
1m read

Folkestone Sports Centre, Kent, has been a popular attraction for both local residents and visitors since its inception in 1974. Boasting a huge range of facilities, from swimming to all year dry slope skiing, the centre is the perfect location for those looking to improve fitness, enjoy relaxing treatments, entertain the family, or engage in a little healthy competition!

The gym and fitness suite consists of 65 state-of-the-art work stations, with an additional area tailored to a younger demographic of 8-14 year olds.

In order to continue providing high-quality fitness equipment to the community, the centre recently upgraded the ageing range of cardio equipment.

Having worked with Johnson Reed on a previous occasion, Manager, Tessa Stickler, got in touch to explore leasing. Mark worked closely with Tessa throughout the process, and turned the paperwork around quickly in conjunction with tight deadlines.

Tessa said, “As a charity providing affordable activities for our community, the challenge is to remain up-to-date with our equipment, yet stay within our financial constraints – this leasing solution through Johnson Reed has enabled us to do just that – so now I have happy clients and happy Trustees.”

As a result, Folkestone Sports Centre Trust incurred the minimum upfront cost, and will spread the remainder of the expense over tax-efficient, fixed repayments.